Desktop & Laptop Support

Windows and Mac Compatibility

AHLTV uses JW Player for all video streaming. To view any live or on-demand content, we recommend using the most current version of your web browser. The following versions are supported by JW Player: Browse...

Browser and Plug-in Download Links

To access Live and On-Demand content with the best results, we recommend the following plug-ins and one of the supported web browsers listed below. Browser/Plug-in PC MAC Flash Player Download Download ...

Ad Blockers

We recommend turning off all Ad Blocking or Pop-Up Blocking plugins or programs you are using, as they may interfere with video playback.

Will AHLTV work on the Linux OS?

Yes! We recommend you use Google Chrome to access AHLTV on the Linux OS. Should you experience issues with video playback, it is best to verify the display drivers.

Still Need Help?

No worries, our all star support team is standing by!